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Machine Head

This machine head is insert in our guitars by the production




The machine head is used to tune the individual strings of the guitar. The machine head consists of a vortex (consists of worm gear and button), an axis and a worm wheel, which enables stable and precise tuning of the strings. The higher the quality of the materials used in the machine head, the easier and more stable tuning of the guitar. The moving parts are made of metal and galvanized (for example, brass, nickel, chrome, gold).

1. Machine head species

Open machine head.
Machine head with open gear consists of a vortex, axis and worm. This machine head is usually installed in classical guitar (a base plate with three open tuners). You will also sometimes in electric basses use. The unit is to be regularly cleaned and lubricated, since it is not protected from the outside world.

Closed machine head

When closed, the transmission machine head is covered in a closed metal box. This machine head is somewhat better protected from the outside world, but also requires regular maintenance. The box can be removed and the gearbox can be cleaned and lubricated. The closed machine head is often used in acoustic guitars or even with electric guitars.


Oil-bearing machine head
Oil-bearing machine head (also die cast machine head)

In the oil-bearing machine head, the transmission is encapsulated in a closed metal box. The box does not immediately disconnect itself. The encapsulated gear is supplied with sufficient lubricant during manufacture and is maintenance-free for their entire service life.

2. Wilkinson machine head

Most of our guitars are equipped with the oil-bearing machine head of the Fa. Wilkinson (United States). Company Wilkinson is a well-known in the music world producers of music hardware and pre amp modules and cooperated with many leading guitar manufacturers (as Fender, Gibson, etc.). The Wilkinson machine head is characterized by a very fine tuning and a perfect tuning stability of the strings.
The galvanized (coated) elements do not lose their shine, even after prolonged use.
The axis of the machine head is equipped with two string holes. This is a simpler set-up of strings and a flexible height adjustment of the strings in a unilateral machine head. (See also


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