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Pickups and EQs

Pickups and Equalizers






1. Pickup:


Pickup of a guitar takes the vibration of the strings, converts them into electromagnetic alternating voltage and forwards it to the amp.

A distinction according to operation following Pickups:

  • Electromagnetic pickups
  • Piezoelectric pickups



1.1. Electromagnetic pickup


An electromagnetic pickup is used in electric guitars and basses. It consists of a permanent magnet around which a coil is wound. By string vibration and as a result of magnetic induction is generated in the coil a voltage which is then passed to the external amplifier on. The guitar strings must necessarily be made of steel or nickel, or else no voltage is formed and no signal.

There are two types in pickups:

Single coil (single coil). The pickups often have clearer, overtone-rich sound

Humbucker (dual coil). The pickups have a soft and midrange sound. The special interconnection of its two coils the humbuckers offer better protection against interference.


The position of the pickup is also for the sound characteristics of importance. A hard more treble sound is produced in the vicinity of the web, while the pickup near the guitar neck provides a softer, deeper tone. Often when the electric guitars, two or three pickups are installed, which are connected by means of a multi-position switch with each other and can perform different combinations of switches to a desired sound.

In most electric guitars and basses, the sound is amplified passive that is the voltage generated in the coil is fed directly from the pickup to the external audio amplifier on. There are also active pickups, where a small pre-amplifier is incorporated which is operated by a small battery.


Wilkinson Pickups:

Our electric guitars and basses are equipped with pickups of Messrs. Wilkinson (United States). Company Wilkinson is a well-known in the music world producers of music hardware and preamp modules and cooperate with many leading guitar manufacturers (as Fender, Gibson, etc.). The pickups Wilkinson are qualitatively very demanding and provide a very clean noise-free sound. You find more information under (only in English).



1.2. Piezoelectric pickups


The piezoelectric pickup has no permanent magnet and coil, but a piezoelectric element (ceramic patrol), which decreases the sound of the guitar of the guitar body (amplifies the body of the guitar, the string vibration), diverts in electric voltage and further to the preamplifier passes. Since the piezo elements have a very high output resistance, they are almost always fitted with preamps and considered a part of the preamplifier.



A preamplifier (also preamp or EQ is called) has the task of the acoustic input signals (generated by the strings) to adjust so that the external amplifier (connected to the guitar) they further strengthened in the optimum range and reproduces. A distinction is made active and passive preamplifier. Active preamp have their own power supply (i.e. a 9V battery). These are installed in the most acoustic guitars.

An active preamplifier consists of the pickup (is connected to the housing), the housing with controls and the outlet for the output signal.

  • The pickup is located in the web (in milled under the bridge inlay. The TA decreases the string vibrations and passes them on to the housing.
  • The housing includes a gain module and the controller, the sound effect (standard elements: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence). The enclosure is used for sound reinforcement and defining the desired sound characteristics.
  • The socket for output signal is connected or soldered to the housing and through which the amplified sound (signal) to the power amplifier (also called end stage) further.


Fishman EQ

The company Fishman is in the music world known US manufacturer (based in Andover, Massachusetts) of pick up and gain modules for Stringed Instruments, which has been active for more than 30 years on the market for musical instruments and is one of the market leaders. The company is a supplier of many world-renowned guitar manufacturers such as Fender, Gibson, Martin, etc. (see

Our guitars are equipped with Fishman Presus-PSY-101 EQ. The technical details for the EQ, see here. In the picture a Presus EQ PSY-201 is shown. The technical basic data in PSY 101 and PSY-201 are identical. The PSY-201 (in the picture) has installed two additional functions (notch and brilliance).


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